Tranquilene® is an all-natural supplement designed to provide FAST anxiety relief, long-term mood support and everyday stress control. Our clinically proven ingredients combine the best in western science with the most effective in eastern herbal medicine, bringing you the safest, most potent formula on the market.

Tranquilene® works daily to keep you calmer and nutritionally equipped to handle the stresses of life.† Tranquilene’s unique formula brings together the best of western science with some of the Eastern world’s most effective herbal mood-balancing remedies for a safe and effective natural anti-anxiety formula.

While our calming botanical blend works to quickly bring down that panicky feeling, our scientifically-formulated Serotonin and GABA support system works with your body to build long-term mood support. And unlike many of the hard drugs pharmaceutical companies push, Tranquilene® is all-natural and non habit-forming.

Sensigrow Plus+ is the most advanced, effective, natural hair regrowth supplement for men and women.

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Minoxidil 7.5%

Pharmaceutical Ingredient #1


Pharmaceutical Ingredient #2


Pharmaceutical Ingredient #3

Salvia Rosmarins Oil

Botanical #1

Lavandula Oil

Botanical #2

Melaleuca Alternifolia Oil

Botanical #3

Proprietary all-natural solution base

When we combined these into a hair serum we were astounded by the results

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