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At Tranquility Labs®, your peace of mind is our mission. We create all-natural dietary supplements with exceptional ingredients designed to reduce mental chaos and encourage great personal health. We’re committed to providing the safest, most cost-effective herbal supplements for consumers worldwide.

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Saved me: "I have had anxiety my entire adult life but it became the worst it’s ever been in 2020 and 2021. I had some health issues and family members passing and just felt buried by my anxiety. My heart was in my throat every day. I had panic attacks almost every day. I started taking tranquilene back in August and it changed my life. I can actually function. I don’t have panic attacks anymore. My anxiety only comes out very rarely. I am so grateful and will never stop singing praises about this product. I am wondering why it has been taken off of amazon’s website though?"

Ruth Rearick

Tranquillity Godsend: "My husband suffers from severe anxiety. He has been on Tranquility for nearly 8 years, It has been a Godsend! He is off all meds that made him a lifeless zombie and now lends an almost normal life. I can tell when he's forgotten to take them . I must say my husband was a doubter when first agreeing to try it, but within a month became a huge fan of Tranquility."

Lydia Rivera

I reorder and reorder and reorder again: "I could not be the caregiver I am without Tranquilene. The best mood enhancing product on the market" - Laurie Morrison
"I have been taking this for awhile and it does help me with my anxiety." - Tina Cutter
"I love it and have used it for years now to help my anxiety and depression. I’m so grateful I found it."

Ashley Suddarth

Love it: "I love the ingredients and the concentration. I can add it, by the drop, to beverages or just place it under my tongue."

Savannah R

Keep it natural: "Vitamins for the brain that help with normalizing hormones to control the emotions is the only way to go naturally."

Mary McDaniel

One of my two favorites: "I use this and the b12. I love the concentration and the simple ingredients."

Savannah R

"They work better than other ones I have taken."

Helen Renaud