The Simple, Natural Antiviral Herb I Use and Why

The Simple, Natural Antiviral Herb I Use and Why

I would prefer not to get the flu. Many of us attribute flu season to the cold weather. Indirectly, that might be the case. However, we don’t get the flu from cold weather in the way we think. Inclement weather pushes us indoors where we are in closer proximity to one another. Combined with the fact that cold air allows germs to stick around longer, the winter season is an ideal environment for the flu. That’s why I use olive leaf extract to both prevent and combat flu symptoms.

In the wake of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, we all must be vigilant about our health. The best way to do that is to support our immune systems. An easy way I achieve this is with Tranquility Labs’ Olive Leaf Extract. Here’s why.

Why Olive Leaf Extract Helps with the Flu

There is currently no vaccine for COVID-19. So, you must do everything in your power to keep your immune system robust. Otherwise, you can become more susceptible to contracting the flu. Here is why olive leaf extract is my go-to for flu prevention and how it can help you, too.


When I first discovered olive leaf extract, I learned that its many health benefits are attributed to oleuropein. Oleuropein is a phenol derived from the olive leaf. This molecule stimulates AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK).


AMPK is an energy molecule that is essential for so many physiological functions, including fat oxidation and glucose uptake. When oleuropein activates AMPK, it provides the energy necessary to facilitate the growth of immune cells.

Elevated levels of oleuropein are what separates olive leaf extract from olive oil. Both are healthy for the body, but in different ways. To get as much oleuropein in my diet as possible, I use Tranquility Labs’ Olive Leaf Extract. The formula is enriched with 20% more oleuropein for immune-boosting abilities.

How Olive Leaf Extract Helps Fight the Flu

Oleuropein is such a versatile compound. It can provide the body with so many benefits necessary to fight off the development of the flu or the coronavirus. Here are some of the ways olive leaf extract provides my body with the support required to survive flu season.

Antiviral Capabilities

Olive leaf extract is a very potent antiviral agent. It has been used as treatment in a number of studies surrounding viral infections.

Research shows olive leaf extract can be useful in treating:

  • Herpes mononucleosis
  • Hepatitis virus
  • Rotavirus
  • Bovine rhinovirus
  • Canine parvovirus
  • Feline leukemia virus
  • Respiratory syncytial virus
  • Parainfluenza type 3 virus

Scientists believe oleuropein influences HIV-RT inhibitor 3TC activity. This process is when cells stop reverse transcriptase from taking place. Reverse transcriptases are DNA replicators that viruses use to duplicate and overtake the healthy cells. So, using olive leaf extract can help thwart off a viral takeover, making you less prone to flu and coronavirus.

Additionally, olive leaf extract exhibits antiviral benefits in the presence of a fever. Therefore, it can also be useful in combating the unpleasant symptoms we feel when we do get the flu.

Antimicrobial Abilities

There’s a reason why all disease begins in the gut. That’s because the bacteria in your system heavily influence all aspects of your life, including the production of your immune cells. With 80% of your immune cells derived from the microbiome, it’s best to ensure your stomach has an abundance of beneficial bacteria.

Experts suggest that oleuropein has remarkable antimicrobial abilities. In fact, this compound has shown to destroy the membranes of pathogenic bacteria, while also disrupting their cell peptidoglycans from forming.

Anti-Atherogenic Benefits

Much of our diets are laden with saturated fats that are high in low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol. Over time, high levels of LDL cholesterol will build up in your arteries to form plaques. Many times, this results in atherosclerosis, which develops into heart disease.

This long-term process will inevitably restrict blood flow throughout the system. In turn, your body will get pockets that are deprived of oxygenated blood. As a result, these areas are more sensitive to viral infections.

Oleuropein slows down the adhesion of monocytoid cells to excited endothelium tissues. As a result, growth factor hormones that inevitably turn into plaque aren’t produced. This favorable effect helps offset some of the damage caused by high LDL cholesterol levels.

Furthermore, oleuropein helps reduce the activity of vascular cell adhesion molecule-1 (VCAM-1). VCAM-1 is a potent inflammatory biomarker. Long-term presence of VCAM-1 can lead to rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, transplant rejection, and cancer. People who are compromised by these conditions are unquestionably more at risk of developing the flu.

High Antioxidant Levels

Not only does olive leaf extract help fight off viral growths, it also exhibits excellent antioxidant capabilities. These free radical-fighting benefits are not just thanks to oleuropein. A phenolic alcohol found in olive leaf extract known as hydroxytyrosol also plays a significant role.

Hydroxytyrosol not only destroys free radicals, it also chelates metals. This reaction stops potential heavy metals from poisoning us. In turn, our immune system won’t be bogged down with unnecessary tasks and can focus on fighting the flu.

Anti-inflammatory Traits

Long-term inflammation weakens our body as a whole. It destroys healthy cells, which makes us more prone to autoimmune disease, bacterial overgrowths, and catching the flu. That’s why it’s best to make sure that the inflammation within our body is under constant control. I manage my inflammation levels by using olive leaf extract.

Research on hydroxytyrosol found it suppresses inflammatory biomarkers and allows your body to fight off unexpected predators, such as viruses. By ignoring health maintenance, we leave our body exposed to pathogens and create gaps in our immune system that can leave us vulnerable to viral attacks. Supplementing with olive leaf extract can help get your body strong on defense.

How to Use Olive Leaf Extract to Fight the Flu

Boosting your immune system is as simple as taking one Tranquility Labs’ Olive Leaf Extract supplement every day. Each vegan capsule is formulated with 750mg of olive leaf extract. Of that formula, 20% is pure oleuropein.

Olive leaf extract influences so many vital functions that our system depends on to keep us safe from viral attacks. Thanks to oleuropein, hydroxytyrosol, and other active compounds in olive leaf extract, our body can get the antioxidants necessary to keep our immune system robust.

Olive Leaf Extract

olive leaf extract

Using olive leaf extract also helps keep my gut health in check. It provides my body with the antimicrobial activity necessary to ensure that healthy stomach bacteria reign supreme.

Lastly, olive leaf extract helps me manage my inflammation and cholesterol levels. The way the Western diet is set up, we are bound to have these sorts of issues, which actually makes us further susceptible to the flu. That’s why I give my body a fighting chance by using olive leaf extract all year long.

What do you do to keep your immune system up? Share with the community in our comments section below!