Real Change Requires New Habits: Ringing in the New Year, Realistically.

Real Change Requires New Habits: Ringing in the New Year, Realistically.

It’s time to kiss the past year goodbye! This means preparing that often elusive (well for me at least), list of New Year’s resolutions…

Fueled with hope and determination as the possibility to start anew approaches, it’s hard not to catch the New Year’s buzz. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but New Year’s is tricky. We feel compelled to make resolutions: to change, to be better, brighter, smarter, stronger. Yet we often set unattainable goals for ourselves; raising the bar so high that we forget the real journey upwards that is necessary for creating meaningful, lasting change.

A resolution is simply defined as: a firm decision to do or not do something. So in actuality we make resolutions throughout the year without even realizing it. However, the resolutions made on New Years are often more grandiose, requiring real and abrupt change.

It’s common for us to overlook the small triumphs that we experience throughout our lives because they are just that: small. Yet, it’s these small feats that bring about lasting change.

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In order to really make these advances and meet our goals, we must create new and realistic habits that will set us up for success. After all, it takes at least 21 days to form a habit so expecting overnight change is vastly unrealistic!

But all is not lost. Being more realistic within your resolutions is definitely a step in the right direction. Because no matter how big your resolutions are, with the proper habits in place, you can achieve them!

It all seems simple enough, set your mind to it and work to achieve it. But, as with any journey, one must start at the beginning. Our habits must coincide with our intentions. We need a plan and a clear starting point. You are not going to lose 50 pounds by eating healthy for just a month, nor will you get fit by simply joining a gym and talking about going. Lasting habits become real changes, lifestyle changes.

I typically give advice or suggestions, but this time the ball is in your court! You have the power and the insight into your own life and ability level. What’s key with resolutions is making a real effort, every day. Doing so, until your habits become second nature and whatever it is that you’re aiming for is achieved.

For example, I would like to keep my purse free of clutter, organized and neat. To do that I need to limit the amount of “stuff” I find necessary to carry around. Sure I can clean out my bag and just maintain from there. Been there done that… This time around I think the best place to start is to simply decline my receipts when shopping. This will cut down on about 25% of the junk in my bag. From there I can work on keeping things in their respective spot (CCs in wallet, pens in front pocket etc etc). These are small changes, but are definitely going to help me achieve my goal and most importantly they’re realistic.

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Lastly, remember not to be to hard on yourself. It is okay to make mistakes or to have setbacks. That’s called life! As long as you’re aware of your actions and keep your goals in mind, you will find success.

You’re not alone, this time of year. Everyone is working on something! Ask for help or accountability if you have to. Make lists, post reminders and words of encouragement. Whatever method you use, as long as you’re working to change your habits, you can change your life. I believe we all have the power to resolve our resolutions.

Cheers to the New Year and improved you! 😀