Let Us Help Make This Back to School Season Easier!

Let Us Help Make This Back to School Season Easier!

It’s almost September, and you know what that means. Across the world, people are returning to work and school. The warmth and sun and fun times of vacation season will soon give way again to the daily grind of the rest of the year.

Whether you are a parent, student, or a professional just getting back to the grind, chances are you’re going to need to turn it up. That means you’ve got to focus AND keep your cool.

We’ve got you covered with our two best-selling products: Tranquilene and Focusene. Tranquilene is our powerful herbal specialty supplement designed for anyone facing a bit of anxiety who needs to balance things out in the brain. Focusene is our newest development – a natural nootropic (brainpower enhancer) to help keep your mind in the zone and boost mental energy – without caffeine.

We’ve got two special deals for you to take on Back to School (and work) season with gusto. At Tranquility Labs, we would rather have your autumn be about the joy of new accomplishments and the smell of pumpkin spice everything, than worrying about all the stress to come.

Introducing two Back to School and Work specials:

  • One for You, One for Me: A one-month supply each of Tranquilene and Focusene. Perfect for the parent and student. Steel your nerves with Tranquilene for a busy autumn and give your son or daughter** an edge on the competition in class with Focusene. All for only $79.95 and FREE Shipping!
  • Double Down: Two bottles of Tranquilene, our best-selling all-natural anti-anxiety supplement. Both for only $69.95 and FREE Shipping!

Order online or call us at 888-407-9659 ext 2 and ask for our Back to School specials.

*Offer ends Sept. 30th. Limit of 1 of each per person

**Recommended age is 18 years or older