Introducing CogniDHA – Our Advanced High-DHA Omega-3 Fish Oil

Introducing CogniDHA – Our Advanced High-DHA Omega-3 Fish Oil

It is our pleasure to introduce CogniDHA: a high-DHA omega-3 fish oil, which boasts 775 mg of DHA per 1250 mg serving, or 74 percent pure DHA and 200 mg EPA. That’s a whopping total of 84 percent omega-3 fatty acids! At an advanced German manufacturing facility, high-tech supercritical CO2 extraction techniques are used to remove impurities like mercury, and prevent oxidation. Oxidation from careless manufacturing creates rancid oil with an overpoweringly fishy odor.

Fish oil is the No. 1 single-ingredient supplement you can take for overall brain health, which is why we are so pleased to be able to offer it to you. It’s just a shame omega-3 fatty acids have to be kept in oil form to be effective, or they’d probably be in all of our products!

What’s the Deal with DHA?

Since the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids became known, fish oil has become the go-to supplement for overall brain and heart health. But not all fish oils are made equal. More recently, studies have begun to paint a picture of high-DHA fish oil’s superiority in supporting adult cognition, as well as, early brain development. Moreover, the purity and bioavailability of supercritical triglyceride (TG) fish oil is unmatched.

People look to fish oil for the omega-3 fatty acids: EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). While both provide important benefits to human health, DHA has an edge when it comes to brain health and development, cognitive ability, and preventing cognitive decline.

For example, one University of Pittsburgh study found that DHA caused a measurable improvement on nonverbal reasoning in adults with virtually no impact from EPA. Another Massey University study a few years ago found that omega-3 DHA drastically improved memory and reaction time in young adults.

Now we’re not trying to say you don’t need EPA. Each have their benefits and both offer a tremendous amount to the body. Some studies even show that EPA has the edge when it comes to anti-inflammatory properties, for instance. But for overall brain health, DHA is looking like the winner. Fortunately, our CogniDHA has both.

Manufacturing for Purity Potency

Even among high-DHA fish oils, one should always check how it was manufactured. With the high mercury content in today’s fish and a sensitivity to spoiling when exposed to oxygen, fish oil purity is absolutely critical.

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Supercritical extraction ensures purity by using harmless CO2 to extract the oils into TG form, which is the natural and most bioavailable form of omega-3 fatty acids. Using CO2 extraction prevents oxidation and rancidity. Cheaper fish oils are usually refined into ethyl ester (EE) form, which is generally not found in nature – and never converted back into the natural TG form. This extra step at the end – converting the EE back into TG – is where the magic happens. This is where a lab can concentrate the omega-3s and make the oil as close to the raw stuff as your body expects it to be – but without all the mercury.

At Tranquility Labs, we feel it is no longer enough to simply state how much omega-3 a fish oil contains (which many brands don’t even do!). The educated consumer looking for a brain boost should be looking for exactly how much DHA it contains. Many cheaper store brands won’t even tell you how much DHA is in their fish oil.

It is a shame that many consumers are still buying impure fish oils with only 20-30 percent omega-3s. Which is standard because it’s cheap to manufacture. Apart from those critical fatty acids, what’s left in fish oil is basically filler. But that’s what recent history shows us you can expect from store brands.

If you want a darn good fish oil, guaranteed to surpass industry standards of potency and purity by a long shot, look no further than our CogniDHA.