5 Reasons Your Workouts Need Fatty Acids

5 Reasons Your Workouts Need Fatty Acids

Fat is essential for losing weight. Those are likely some words you never expected to hear! As a matter of fact, fat is also necessary for building muscle. Now, that doesn’t mean you should go all-in on a bucket of deep-fried chicken. Your body needs a bottle of fish oil instead, preferably an all-natural supplement rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Omega-3 fatty acids give your brain the mental boost needed to push you through a workout and can assist in providing relief for muscle soreness afterward. The best way to get your fatty acids is to try supplementing with high-quality fish oil like CogniDHA. Here are five reasons this omega-rich supplement is everything you need to get your sweat on!

Fatty Acids Provide Energy

We barely function through the workday. That fact alone is a valid reason why many of us can’t power through a workout. We don’t have the energy to make it to the gym, let alone push through a sweat sesh!

Our body synthesizes energy by digesting our food and absorbing its nutrients. The three predominant macronutrients in creating energy are:

  • Fat
  • Protein
  • Carbohydrates

Of the three, fat is the most efficient source of energy. Our body reaps nine calories of energy per gram of fat. In comparison, protein and carbs generate just four calories.

Fat also absorbs nutrients. Therefore, when we consume dietary fats rich in omega-3 fatty acids, it creates a barrier around other essential vitamins and minerals. When we munch on nutrient-enriched fat, our body stores these lipids in our muscles, the liver, and adipose tissue.

So readily available, fat counts for about 70% of our resting energy output. It also relies on omega-3 fatty acids to persevere through low-stress workouts. However, as you burn off fat, your body risks running low on these essential fatty acids. A lack of omegas in the system during a workout may result in low energy and muscle fatigue. This consequence is what makes supplementing with CogniDHA so crucial to making the most out of your workout session.

Fatty Acids Help with Muscle Soreness

In addition to providing us with energy, fatty acids also help us push through the pain. Two primary omega-3 fatty acids include eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). These omega-3 fatty acids are a precursor to hormone-like compounds known as prostaglandins. Thankfully for workout-aholics, prostaglandins exhibit strong anti-inflammatory capabilities.

While both omega-3 fatty acids can synthesize anti-inflammatory cytokines, DHA has shown the most promise. Research on DHA and rheumatoid arthritis found 28% of people who took DHA for the painful joint condition experienced less pain than those who took the placebo.

That is why our CogniDHA fish oil is fortified with a potent dose of DHA. Our supplement is in pure triglyceride form so your body can naturally absorb the benefits of fish oil. This means your muscle aches should feel relief faster than your fastest 5K record!

Fatty Acids for Breathing

Those who consume a diet rich in omega-6 fatty acids have a higher risk of developing atherosclerosis. This condition is when refined sugars, saturated fats, and artificial ingredients in a typical Western diet form a hard plaque in the arteries.

As we are working out, we need blood to pump from our heart to our muscles, lungs, and back again. When arteries are plagued with plaque, it becomes increasingly difficult for oxygenated red blood cells to make their rounds. In turn, your body runs the risk of cramping up, and your breath can become hindered.

Luckily, research suggests that omega-3 fatty acids are potent vasodilators. When omegas interact with blood vessels, they cause a relaxing effect on the membranes. That makes the blood vessels take up less mass. As a result, the vessels glide through the arteries with more ease. That will help you keep your heart pumping and lungs breathing while you’re pounding the pavement or counting your reps.

Fatty Acids Build Muscle

In order to pack on muscle, you need to increase cell growth. The best way to achieve this is through a healthy and balanced diet of fats, carbs, and proteins. To ensure you are meeting these requirements, you should consider supplementing with high-quality fish oil like CogniDHA.

Your body relies on essential omega-3 fatty acids to help with protein synthesis. When your body processes protein, it allows the amino acids in the compound to create cell membranes responsible for our muscles.

Research suggests omega-3 fatty acids influence the mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) pathway. This pathway regulates cell growth, which will serve as the backbone for muscle growth. Omega-3s also exhibit a regulatory relationship with the nuclear factor kappa-light-chain-enhancer of activated B cells (NF-KB). NF-KB is in charge of the encryption of DNA and the survival of cells.

Fatty Acids Increase Focus

Sometimes the anguish of an intense workout is too much for a person to push through. Their body is capable of making these gains, but their mind already checked out. If you go in it defeated, or give up halfway, then you will never meet your wellness goals. Thankfully, CogniDHA can help combat that mental fatigue that makes you want to quit.

Research points to a strong correlation between a lack of DHA in the system and having a smaller brain. A study on 485 adults with cognitive decline showed an improvement in learning and memory after 24 weeks of supplementing with DHA. This illustrates just how intertwined cognition and fatty acids are. With DHA in fish oil, you will be better prepared to knock the softball out of the park, climb over the wall in Crossfit, or get into your first yogi headstand.

Lastly, omega-3 fatty acids help boost the neurotransmitter, dopamine. Dopamine helps us workout in two ways. Firstly, it causes an uplifting feeling in the system, making your workout more mentally bearable. Secondly, dopamine helps even out our stress hormone, cortisol. Therefore, if you’re dreading leg day or feel like quitting during SoulCycle, omegas can help you embrace the mind over matter mantra.

Using Fish Oil for Working Out

The best workout buddy is one that will support you before, during, and after a workout. To gain the energy needed to power through and the relief needed after a strenuous sweat sesh, turn to CogniDHA. Since our fish oil is fortified with DHA, your body will be equipped with the tools necessary to get your heart pumping optimally and your brain functioning powerfully.

Say goodbye to feeling the urge to quit halfway through a workout. Increase your breathing, focus, and muscles by supplementing with fish oil rich in DHA.

What’s your favorite workout supplement? Share your routines with us in the comments below!