5 Natural Ways to Handle Freshman Year Anxiety

5 Natural Ways to Handle Freshman Year Anxiety

We’re not going to sugarcoat it for you. Going to college is perhaps the scariest experience of a young adult’s life. However, nothing in life worth having is easy. That’s what makes these next four years so rewarding. This fall, new high school graduates are going off on their own for the first time. Naturally, this will cause any young person (and their parent) a ton of stress and anxiety. Stepping outside of your comfort zone is a scary thing, but it’s also where you become your best. So, let’s take a look at five ways to combat stress naturally. Oh, and parents, you can use some of these techniques, too!

Realize You’re Not Alone

child anxious collegeThe fact that this article exists is proof that you are not alone in feeling anxious about going to college. One study following 200,000 freshmen found that the number of students who reported an above average emotional health has fallen to 52% in 2010 as compared to 64% in 1985. This exemplifies how common freshman-based stress has become over time (and always was).

Knowing how common these anxieties are can really help put the whole situation in perspective. To see others seemingly fitting in may make you feel even more anxious. Just remember that much like how these seemingly happy freshmen don’t know what’s going on in your mind, you can’t read theirs either. Don’t assume everyone is handling this big transition better than you. We all show our emotions in different ways.

Talk to Someone

child anxious collegeNow that you know you’re not alone, remember that it’s important to talk through these anxieties. There are so many people at your disposal. A good start would be your new college roommate. You already have two things in common. You’re both freshmen and you’re both breathing in the same ramen noodle steam. See how they’re adjusting. Ask if they have any friends. Meeting people as quick as possible is the easiest way to ease into your new environment.

If your roommate is part of the problem, then they might not be part of the solution. Talk to a third party. Seek out the RA (resident assistant) on your floor and ask them for advice on how they handled such a big change when they were a freshman. They’re there to help everyone on the floor adjust. Take them up on it.

When turning to a peer seems a bit uncomfortable, talk to a teacher or guidance counselor. During their careers, they have met thousands upon thousands of students going through the same things you are. Teachers and counselors are trained professionals and have many ways to help you cope in your new environment.

Lastly, call home. You will always have that support system!

Yoga and Exercise

Being active can do wonders for burning off stress. In fact, studies have shown that exercise can help alleviate symptoms of depression. That’s because exercise signals off neurotransmitters in the brain such as dopamine and serotonin. These are the hormones behind our feelings of happiness and calmness. As an added bonus, exercise also helps improve cognitive function. Therefore, including exercise in your daily routine will also improve your studies.

child anxious collegeWhen stress and anxiety are really getting the best of you, try taking a day off cardio and switching it up with yoga. Yoga is centered around breathing. Deep breathing goes a long way in calming your system.

Imagine yourself stressed.

Is your neck tense? Shoulders scrunched up? Perhaps, you’ve clenched your fists? Holding your breath?

Does any of this sound familiar?

When you’re stressed, you forget to breathe. Taking a breath is your body’s ultimate defense mechanism against anxiety. It’s like hitting the reset button on the whole stress system. Practicing yoga marries breath with movement. This causes you to focus on the moment rather than all the stresses surrounding your transition to college. Studies have confirmed that yoga can help fight feelings of anxiety and depression.

Essential Oils

child anxious collegeEssential oils serve many purposes that can really be clutch for life in college. These concentrated plant extracts contain strong chemical compounds that depending on the particular oil can act as anything from a disinfectant to an antidepressant.

Try infusing essential oils in your room. Use lavender around nighttime to get a good night’s rest before a test. Inhale some rosemary essential oil prior to a quiz to improve cognitive function and calm nerves. Diffuse orange oil to help keep alert for studying…and to disinfect the odors in your tight dorm quarters!

Natural Supplements

TRANQUILENE TOTAL CALMHere’s an SAT answer for you. Supplements are to life what cheat sheets are to tests. Using all-natural supplements can go a long in alleviating the stress that comes with starting a new school.

To help deal with the anxiety that comes with meeting new people, leaving your family and taking on a boatload of classes, try a supplement like Tranquilene. Just as the name implies, Tranquilene helps you find tranquility. It does this by using a number of ingredients that have been scientifically proven to ease anxiety. These ingredients include:

FocuseneAnother supplement that can help combat the fears that plague freshmen is one that can assist in studies. Using an all-natural supplement such as Focusene can go a long way in pushing you to be your best in the classroom.

Focusene helps you block out distractions and remain on the task at hand. It also naturally boosts your brain functionally, aiding you in recalling answers you studied for prior to the big test. This supplement achieves these impressive feats by using all-natural ingredients.

Research has shown that the following ingredients in Focusene help improve focus and memory:

Taking either of these two supplements will not only help you achieve your goals naturally, but it will do so without having stress bearing down on you.

Embrace School; Don’t Fear It

This should be the best times of your life, not the worst. Yes, it might be a bit scary, but so was kindergarten, middle school and high school. And what happened? You got through it.

Sure, you’re a bit older. The stakes are a bit higher. Therefore, you might need some more help. Using these five natural ways to fight off freshmen stress will go a long way in making the transition from high school to college that much easier.

How do you cope with college-bound stress? Sound off in the comments below!