Is Your Divorce Causing Stress and Anxiety? Here are 5 Ways to Cope

Is Your Divorce Causing Stress and Anxiety? Here are 5 Ways to Cope

There is no denying that a divorce can leave you and your family devastated. When you enter a marriage, you never anticipate this life-changing event to happen. However, it’s become a pretty common occurrence. You are not alone. If you are feeling stressed or anxious due to a divorce, others have been in your shoes. Through their empathy, we’ve found five ways that are sure to help you cope through this divorce.

Develop a New Routine

Part of the stress of divorce is the new unknown. It’s a shift in priorities, time management, and responsibilities. You might find you have free time during parts of the day you never had open before. You might also need to pick up the slack during times you once were able to relax. For instance, you may not have been the cook in the house pre-divorce, but now the kitchen is your domain between 5 PM and 6 PM!

What we’re getting at is you’re going to have to look at your routine and anticipate changes. You no longer have someone to share responsibilities with such as vacuuming, grocery shopping, and paying bills. To avoid stressing over these changes in your routine, plan out your attack.

Map out what a typical week as a single person will look like for you. Schedule time to workout, grocery shop, spend time with the kids, etc. There may not seem like enough time in the day, but trust us … there always is! Once you write it all down, you’ll see it too. Mapping out a new routine will help make living a life minus one not seem as stressful.

Go to Counseling

While change can be a good thing, it can also be unsettling. Taking on chores you didn’t do before, eating alone, or putting on a show you used to watch together can all be a lot for your emotional state. You need to let these feelings out.

Part of the reason we struggle with divorce is that we feel we have no closure. The other half just moved on, and you’re alone with nothing. Counseling can help you find that closure.

Counselors can guide you to the conclusion you need to reach. You can learn why the relationship didn’t work and how you can apply those lessons to the next relationship. Like Ariana says, “Thank u, next.”

Go on a Vacation

Marriage only works if both people are happy in the relationship. If one is unhappy, then you’re both unhappy. That’s not a cause for celebration. Getting out of the situation and starting the next chapter of your life? Now, that’s a reason to celebrate. And there’s no better way to do that than to head on vacation.

If you have children, this is an even better time to go away. Pack up the kids and take them somewhere that will take their mind off what’s going on. Part of the stress you are feeling is the guilt over how your divorce is hurting them. Seeing them smile will give you perspective and begin to stitch up your own broken heart.

Speaking of your own broken heart, remember to mend that. As much as your kids are hurting, the love for your spouse began long before they were born. You are mourning in such a different way than they are. So, make sure you carve some time out for yourself. Healing yourself allows you to be the best parent you can for them.

Find a Way to Channel the Stress

Stress is a slippery slope. When we are under stress, our body produces the hormone cortisol. As anyone going through a divorce can attest, the proceedings of breaking this union can cause ongoing bouts of stress. The more pressure we are under, the more cortisol we create. Therefore, you need to find a way to release that stress.

Here’s a great one for you, sleep! We all want to sleep away our problems … and sometimes we should. If you are feeling tired, take a nap. As you sleep, your body stops pumping out cortisol. During this downtime, other essential hormones and neurotransmitters such as melatonin and dopamine are created. In turn, you will wake up less stressed.

Unfortunately, overproduction of cortisol may make it hard to sleep. Too much cortisol leaves little room for melatonin production. Therefore, a natural sleep-aid with melatonin in it like Sleep-Fast can help you get the shut-eye necessary to level out cortisol.

Another good way to reduce stress is to take up exercise. Excess cortisol tends to store in our adipose tissue. Therefore, stress is making us gain weight. Channel that stress by taking it out on the treadmill, weight room, or yoga studio. Sweat the stress away and look good doing it.

Lastly, a great way to repel stress is to use it as your muse. Express yourself by writing, painting, drawing, woodworking, or volunteering. Take your hurt feelings, anger, and sadness and redirect it. You will be amazed at what the power of emotion can push you to do.

Take All Natural Supplements

Sometimes you just need a helping hand to get you through the bad times. One of the greatest partners we have in life is the earth. It provides us many nutrients that can guide us toward living our best life. While many of us can receive these minerals through our diet, the general population doesn’t always have the best dietary habits. Therefore, supplements are a necessity in creating homeostasis throughout the system.

To combat stress and anxiety, you need a mixture of supplements that will help balance out the negatives. That is why we recommend Tranquilene. Tranquilene contains all-natural ingredients that are scientifically proven to help bouts of stress and anxiety.

This all-natural supplement has:

By combining all these plant compounds together, Tranquilene works on many causes of anxiety and stress at once. Without having all that chatter in the back of your mind, you will be able to focus better on what’s really important. We’re talking about the happiness of your family and yourself!

Don’t Stress the Divorce

It might sound crazy, but don’t stress the divorce. Getting a divorce is much better than existing in an unhappy marriage. Life is too short to live in sorrow. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and move forward. While the task may seem daunting at first, take it one step at a time.

Anticipate the changes by developing a new routine. Lean on a therapist for support as you transition into this new life of the unknown. Take a moment to go on a vacation. Whether you’re with friends, kids, or alone, getting away will help you find perspective. Find a way to channel your stress so that you improve yourself. Lastly, take all-natural supplements like Tranquilene. This little bit of self-care will go a long way!

Have you been through a divorce? How did you cope? Share your story to help others through this tough time.